Q. How Does the Water Tight Door Work?

The Superior tub’s water tight door seal system forms a seal when compressed by latching the door. In addition to the locking door, the water pressure helps to keep the inward swinging door seal compressed, helping to insure for no leaks. All Superior Model Walk In Tubs door seals are guaranteed for life.

Q. Can The Walk-in Tub also be used as a shower?

Yes! Our tubs come with everything you need to shower, including a roman faucet set with hand held shower, shower rod, and a curtain. The shower rod makes it easy to put the hand held shower on the wall and make it look like a conventional shower.

Q. How is the walk-in tub installed into my existing bathroom?

The installation is very easy. Any licensed plumber can do the job. You don’t need to remodel your bathroom since our tubs fits into a traditional 60 inch tub space. Our walks in tubs come with an extension panel, which looks like a shelf, to ensure the fit of our tub in a 60” stall. Our tubs come in both right hand and left hand models to accommodate any bathroom layout.

Q. Is there anything installer needs to know before our tub is delivered?

The installer will need one dedicated 15 amp(air jet system) or 20 amp(water jet system) circuit on a GFI. Complete installation instructions and a Product Manual are provided with each Superior Walk In Tub.

Q. Is there a warranty with my Walk-in tub?

All of our Superior Model Walk-in Tubs are covered by our lifetime warranty. This includes the tub and seals, our faucets and fixtures are covered by a 5-year warranty. We proudly stand behind all of our high quality products, and are ready to help you with any problems that may occur with our walk in tubs.

Q. Once I have ordered my walk-in tub, how long will it be before I receive it?

Superior averages an approximate 5-7 day turnaround from time of order to the time of delivery. Please call us at 1-888-668-1880 for details.

Q. What kind of tests are performed on the Walk-in Tubs before their shipped?

All of our tubs are inspected in our factory prior to shipping, they are all water tested to ensure top quality products. The pumps and jets are run for 24 hours in your tub to ensure for no leaks, malfunctions and for top overall performance. Once your tub is fully tested and made sure that it is fully functioning, your tub is drained, cleaned, dried and carefully crated for shipment.

Q. Do The Walk-in Tubs have safety certification?

Yes! Superior is one few walk in bathtub companies that have a BBB, a UL, an ETL & an IAPMO safety ratings and certifications. These certifications are important and even required in some states, please make sure that no matter what tub you buy, they have these certifications.

Q. What about installation of the Walk In tub?

We work with installers all over the United States who are licensed and experienced in installing walk in bath tubs and any other improvements necessary in the bathroom. A simple installation is usually $1800.00 and $300.00-$400.00 for parts. If the door has to be widened due to molding alignment, there is an additional cost of $200.00. This fee is paid directly to the installer at the time of installation. We also use these same installers for our warranty work.

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