Walk In Tubs

Superior walk in tubs are designed to help people like you maintain your independence and secure your safety in your home. They provide you with confidence and prolong your independence by allow you to continue functioning by taking care of your personal needs without assistance. Superior is working to make your house accessible on obstacle at a time, starting with walk in tubs that offer all the safety features to provide you with a secure and comfortable bathing experience. They offer products that will improve your quality of life depending on your individual needs.

Superior walk in tubs are the best in the industry. They have been manufacturing their tubs since 2002 when the walk in bathtub was first introduced to the US market. They work to offer you higher quality for a lower price. Their walk in tubs are made with one piece construction that makes them sturdier than the others that have a two-piece construction. This gives their tubs the strength they need to keep them from flexing under any conditions. This is the most crucial element to any walk in bath. Their tubs are also built on a stainless steel frame that surrounds the entire tub from front to back, side to side with 1 ½” thick frame. This frame, along with 6 adjustable leveling legs, is constructed in stainless steel to add to the structural integrity of the tub and as waterproof security to prevent against rusting. All the Superior walk in tubs have an ADA 17” high seat and built in grab bar to make getting up a much easier effort. Most other kinds of seats are 14-15” which don’t allow the seamless transition that you get when getting up and down from the 17” seat.

The tubs also include polished chrome fixtures that give your tub an elegant appearance and a handheld shower that can be mounted anywhere you prefer for easy use. They also provide you with an additional polished chrome grab bar so you can mold it to the outside of the tub to make entry easier. Superior’s walk in tubs all feature a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel frame, tub shell, tub finish, and door seal. All other parts have a twenty year warranty. Superior stands by their products and provide free tech support and trouble shooting for installation and will also cover parts and labor if any issue should arise that is covered by their warranty. In addition to the many quality features you get from Superior’s walk in tubs, you also have the option of getting air whirlpool, water jets, or combo spa options in your bath. The CG Whirlpool massage jets with an inline heater will maintain the temperature of the water and heat of the jets. For a more aggressive system that provides deep tissue massage, the American Whirlpool is the ideal option. Superior has the walk in tubs and options that are right for your personal needs. Go to www.superiorwalkintubs.com to learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and to learn more about the wonderful convenience and comfort you can obtain with these products.

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