Walk-In Tubs

One of the biggest health issues facing the elderly is fractures from falls, since the majority of falls happen in the bathroom and most of those are from getting in and out of the tub, installing walk-in tubs can greatly reduce your risk of getting hurt. A walk in tub is great for the elderly or disabled that may no longer be able to step over the edge of the tub or get down into a tub to take a bath. walk-in tubs offer a sense of independence and luxury to those that may otherwise not have been able to enjoy the pleasures of a bath.

Walk-in tubs are designed in several ways; some offer the ability to sit in a tub of water without having to sit down in a conventional tub that most elderly people could never get back out of. A sealed door in one side offers them easy access to the tub, with a very low clearance to allow those that are unable to lift their legs very high the ability to get in the tub without any risk of injury. A water tight seal on the door keeps water from leaking out as the tub fills. A seat built into the tub offers a comfortable place to sit for those that may have a hard time sitting down.

Handles can be installed that can help an elderly person to sit down and get up out of walk-in tubs, and to steady them when they are getting in and out of the tub as well. Fixtures are designed with safety in mind to make sure that the water is not too hot. A hand held shower fixture is also available in most walk-in tubs to help rinse off or for those that would prefer a shower over a bath. Many of the walk-in tubs also offer a whirlpool options for those that may wish to spend more time soaking in the tub.

Walk-in tubs come in a variety of different sizes and types, to suit just about every person's needs. Half baths and full baths are available as well as tubs with nearly zero clearance for walking into the tub. All tubs come with a non-slip contoured seat to ensure that the seat is comfortable and that the user will not slip when trying to sit down or get up. The bottom of the tub is also textured to ensure that you will not slip getting in or out.

Walk-in tubs offer a high degree of safety and allow you to maintain your privacy and independence just a bit longer, meaning that you will be able to stay in your home and continue to care for yourself. Superior walk-in Tubs offers a full line of walk-in tubs for your home. Their line of different sizes and styles are specially designed to ensure that you will be able to find one to fit in the existing space in your bathroom. They come with a full "no quibbles" warranty meaning if you do not like it for any reason you may return it no questions asked.

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