Walk In Tub

If you have decided to put in a new tub in your home to offer more access to someone who has mobility issues you may be wondering where to start. Buying a walk in tub requires a little bit of forethought since it will normally be placed in the space that your old bathtub is now. In addition to deciding where you will put it, you will also need to make decisions about what size tub to buy and how tall it needs to be. Finally many walk in tubs come with extra features and it will be up to you to decide which ones you just cannot do without.

Normally most people simply replace their tub with a walk in tub; in this case you will need to find a tub that most closely fits into your existing space. Most companies that manufacturer these tubs also have extensions that can be used to put smaller tubs in longer spaces or you can get an extra-long tub to fit in where your old tub was. You want to try to keep your tub about the same size if you can, so that you do not have to do any extra renovations to install it.

Some walk in tubs have low walls and look just like regular tub does, these tubs are for those that will be taking showers but cannot step over the walls of the tub. These are good if you must share the tub with other people who may not necessarily care for taller walls of the full size tubs. Keep in mind that if the person that has the mobility issues cannot stand for long periods of time that you should consider getting a full walk in tub with a seat.

The taller tubs are meant for taking baths, and have seats in them that are contoured and have a non-slip surface on them to avoid accidents from happening. You can get a shower head to go with them for those days when you only want a shower. A non-slip surface in the bottom of the tub is meant to avoid accidents and handles can be installed if they do not come standard for those that are a bit unsteady on their feet. The walk-tub has only a small lip on the bottom that makes it easy for those with knee or hip issues to step over it and into the tub.

Take a good look at reviews for each of the manufacturers that you are considering, one of the biggest complaints that are made about walk in tubs is that the seals can leak, so it is important to ensure that you get a brand that has installed a good seal. Look for a walk in tub that is made of solid heavy materials, too many of them are made cheap and do not last.

If you are looking for a good quality walk in tub take a look at what Superior walk in tubs has to offer, their selection of walk in tubs has some of the best workmanship in the business and a generous amount of extras to make your bathing experience as relaxing as it ought to be.

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