Walk In Bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs are an important tool in allowing those who are at a greater risk of injury from falling in the bath. Superior is committed to providing you with the walk in tub that will make a major positive difference in your life every single day. Not only will they provide you with a safe alternative to bathing in a traditional tub or shower, they will make the bathing experience relaxing, joyful and beneficial experience again.

Superior offers Walk in bathtubs in a variety of styles and sizes so that you can put one in the same space as your existing bathtub or shower. For those who are elderly or disabled, they are a secure approach to independent bathing. The door to the Walk in bathtubs swing inward to make entering and exiting the tub simple. They also offer tubs that have the lowest step on the market so that you just step on the 5 inch step to enter the tub. Once you are inside, sit on the contoured 17" seat and you are ready to start bathing.

For individuals who have lost their mobility, bathing may be the biggest obstacle they face in living in their own homes. Walk in bathtubs can give you back your freedom and extend the time that you can be independent in your home. Each year, thousands of older Americans fall at home, seriously injuring and disabling many. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death for the elderly, accounting for about half of all accidental deaths in the home. Falls can cause severe injuries that will limit your independence and put you at risk of early death. They can also limit your activity and decrease muscle strength and flexibility and increase the chances of yet another fall. Walk in bathtubs can help prevent you from losing your quality of life by protecting you from falling.

The benefits of having hydrotherapy in the Walk in bathtubs are also numerous. The whirlpool spa uses heat, buoyancy and massage to create a relaxing, soothing experience that you can't get anywhere else. Immersion in hot water raises your body's temperature and increases your circulation. The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on joints and muscles and creates a relaxing sensation of weightlessness. The massaging effects from the hydrotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins which are the body's natural painkillers. You can improve the way you feel from relaxing in any of the Walk in bathtubs that offer you the benefits of a full spa.

Walk in bathtubs do more than just relax you. They can reduce stress and nervous tension, reduce overall fatigue, help correct insomnia, reduce muscle tension, cure headaches, relieve arthritis and detoxify the body. Walk in bathtubs provide safety and comfort in so many ways. Visit www.superiorwalkintubs.com and you will see that there are designs for every need. Choose from right or left hand styles in the style and size that works best for your situation. Superior works to provide you with the highest in quality and the lowest in prices so that you can enjoy your bath time again!

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