Walk In Baths

Check out the Selection of Walk-In Baths by Superior Walk-in Tubs

Those who have arthritis, sports injuries, or are getting around with the help of a wheelchair may benefit from purchasing a walk-in bathtub from Superior Walk-in Tubs. Walk-in baths are now becoming more popular, and are available in several different models. There is something available for almost anyone who has an interest in buying a walk-in bathtub.

Superior Bath Tub Models

Those who are looking for a standard bath tub that provides walk-in access will enjoy the Superior model. This particular tub fits into any standard 60 inch shower stall, and provides hydrotherapy and has an air whirlpool spa. This tub will fit through any door frame, so you needn't worry about getting it into the house. Superior thought about everything for you, and you can order the tub at any time.

The Elegance Walk-in baths have a little bit more style to them, and are contoured in design. No electrical is required for this bathtub, and it has Roman faucets for an elegant look. This bath also has the "no slip contoured floor", to prevent you from slipping while getting into the bathtub. This is especially helpful when no one else is around to help and when your legs are a little weak. Superior constructs bath tubs in a make sense fashion, so that you don't have to think too hard about it before you buy!

The Builder Model is another genius idea when it comes to walk-in baths. The Builder Model is a great way for taller individuals to use a walk-in tub as well, with plenty of room to move around. This tub is still the standard 60 inches in length, and is plenty spacious for showering. Superior thought this through for those who need a higher outside wall, but still need all the benefits of the walk-in tub.

Would You Like to Soak in Your New Walk-in Tub?

Those who want the convenience of a walk-in tub, but want to enjoy a nice long soak can do so with the Hi-Boy model. This tub will allow the user to get a good soak over the shoulders, and get the deepest soak in the industry too. This tub still fits into the conventional 60 inch shower stall so almost anyone can order it. This tub will provide relaxation for sore muscles and to help ease a stressful day.

Those who need extra room to move for their legs will benefit from the Prestige Model. This model has a special curved door to provide extra leg room for those who just like to have it, or for those who have long legs and have to have the space. This tub also has an Air Whirlpool Spa, and has three sizes to fit into your existing tub. This makes it easier than ever to choose your walk-in tub form Superior.

There are many more models to check out for mobility needs and more. Superior Walk-in Tubs has what everyone wants, whether it is for relaxation or for convenience we are here for you. Just visit www.superiorwalkintubs.com to order your tub now.

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