Walk-In Bath

Eventually we all grow old and with that children are faced with the decisions about whether their parent should stay in their own homes or go into a nursing home. In general the consensus has been growing that it is far better to keep your parents in their own homes even when they start to need a lot of help. Staying in their home where they have lived their life with their own things and familiar surroundings and family can help them to thrive far more than putting them in a home. A walk-in bath and other accessibility equipment can make it easier for them to stay where they are happiest.

Because your parents can socialize with neighbors and friends, keep their pets and belongings and sleep in their own bed at night they will be happier and stay healthier far longer than they would if they ended up in a nursing home. In many ways staying in their own home is not only healthier but more affordable, even if you have to provide home nursing care for them. Perhaps one of the most important things however that you can do to help them stay in their own homes is to provide accessibility equipment such as a walk-in bath and electric chairs for stairs to keep them from hurting themselves.

Mobility is a big issue for many seniors, falls account for a large number of seniors whose health declines to the point that they end up in a nursing home, and most falls happen because the proper equipment is not installed to keep them from having an accident. A walk-in bath features a door that allows them to step into the tub without having to step over the tub wall, it also has a seat that allows the senior to sit rather than stand while bathing, whether they are taking a shower or bath.

Most mobility equipment can be covered by insurance depending on the type of supplemental insurance that your parents have, in either case a walk-in bath is far less expensive than putting your elderly parent in a nursing home. There is a number of other accessibility options you can add to your parents' home to help them stay there longer, things such as walkers, hand rails moving storage spaces in the kitchen to places where they can reach, and installing electric chairs so that they do not have to go up or down any stairs.

There is never a reason that your parent's quality of life should ever have to decline provided they have the proper equipment to make their daily tasks easier and safer for them. An in home health aide can help them with daily tasks they cannot do such as laundry and making meals and the accessibility equipment that you install will keep them independent far longer than they would be otherwise. A walk-in bath offers them their privacy and independence while at the same time keeping them safe from dangerous falls.

If you are looking for a walk-in bath take a look at what Superior Walk-in Tubs has to offer, they have some of the best walk-in tubs on the market and offer you all the accessories you will need to make your parents bath a pleasure to use.

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