Walk In Bath Tubs

You can enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again with Superior walk in bath tubs. They are designed to fit perfectly into your existing shower stall or previous bath tub. walk in bath tubs are available in a variety of styles to provide you with the convenience and comfort of a safe bath that you can take without any assistance. They are the ideal tool for allowing you to enjoy the comfort of bathing in the privacy of your own home without loved ones being concerned about your mobility.

Magnificent Superior walk in bath tubs bring back the pleasure of a peaceful bath where you can easily step inside and sit down for a refreshing bath. They are designed with an inward opening door so that entering and exiting the bath is a simple process. Superior offers the lowest step-in on the market today so that you can easily and safely enter and exit the tubs on your own. Once you step inside, just lower yourself onto the 17" contoured seat and begin bathing. The walk in bath tubs with an 18-jet warm air massage system add a therapeutic element to your bath. A centrally located directional jet massage system uses only pre-warmed air or water to refresh and soothe your aches away.

The walk in bath tubs have water tight door seal systems that form a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. The weight of the water inside the tub will further compress the seal to make it completely leak proof and the door seal is guaranteed for life. For those who enjoy the convenience of a shower, the Roman tub faucet set comes with a hand-held shower head that can be easily mounted on the wall to give you the best of both worlds. The walk in bath tubs are easy to install in an existing bathroom and any plumber can do the job. You don't have to remodel your bathroom since the tubs are made to fit into a traditional 60 inch tub space.

For many seniors and others whose mobility is impaired and safety during bathing is a major concern, walk in bath tubs can mean the difference between staying in their home or relocating to a facility where they will receive care. You can bathe yourself easily in a walk in tub and keep your independence in your own home. To see the different styles that are available and find the one that will work best for you, browse Superior's site at www.superiorwalkintubs.com.

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